Why do you need us?


We do our best for you to study your market, find out information about competitors, real prices, clients and make recommendations. Then we make a proposal for a market entry for you.

This is a fairly detailed and large document, which can be identified the following tools: We are creating a Russian-language site for your product or services / Russian version of your website. We begin to conquer the market with the Runet. Then we make the official group of your brand in the Russian social networks.

And than...

Then we invent and organize a variety of events, telling about your products or services and attract people to them.

In parallel, we are writing articles and doing stories about your brand in the Russian media and the major Russian bloggers. Your brand becomes "by ear" We choose the most suitable advertising media and place your ad We promote your products or services to potential partners. We participate in major industry alliances and activities, talking about your benefits. Special projects: come up that something special to attract the attention of Russian consumers.